To play a leading role in the future of ICT in Mauritius contributing to an efficient, competitive and optimally regulated ICT sector.


To promote affordable and adequate access to quality ICT services through functional market-driven competition and regulatory principles in a trouble-free Networked Information and Knowledge Society.


  • Professionalism: to demonstrate high-level professionalism in our day-to-day initiatives in relation to the business of the authority and achieve continuous self-improvement.
  • Responsibility: to speak up and report concerns about the ICT regulatory frameworks and laws, and seek clarification and guidance where there is doubt.
  • Commitment: to develop the right attitude towards the job we undertake, encourage individual initiative and express our dedication in achieving our objects and function.
  • Honesty: to be truthful in all our endeavours, to be honest and straightforward with one another and with our policy makers, communities, licensees, operators and service providers.
  • Integrity: to express what we mean, to deliver what we promise and to stand for what is lawful.
  • Respect: to treat one another with dignity and fairness, appreciating the diversity of our workforce and the uniqueness of each employee.

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